Stubičke Toplice, a prominent spa and rehabilitation center, developed at the foot of the northern slopes of Mountain Medvednica, in the gentle valleys of the region of Croatian Zagorje, where the climate is mild and the forest vegetation abundant. It is famous for its healing thermal water which reaches the temperature of 69 °C at the well.


The spa dates back to 1811, when the Bishop of Zagreb, Maksimilijan Vrhovac, financed the construction of the building with an indoor swimming pool, which was later named after him – “Maksimilianeum”, the baths, the ballrooms and the dining room.


The Special Hospital has three interconnected facilities: “Maksimilijan”, “Toplice” and “Dijana” with capacity of 267 beds. It provides services to private clients, tourists and citizens. The hospital is with 150 beds in facility Toplice bound by contract to abide by the terms of the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance.


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